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Philip Darling - Philip Darling Brand Consultant 

With over three decades in the communication business, Philip has seen a lot of change in the industry, from the days of everything being crafted by hand to tentatively working on one of the first Apple Macs. Having run a design group in Dublin for ten years. (who were probably more into producing beautiful work rather than huge making profits) he successfully sold his business to a large agency. It was hard migrating six designers who were used to working with clients such as the National Museum and Monart, to more exacting standards of pharmaceuticals and telcos, but the merger worked, until the recession happened some years later. 

Thereafter, it was really back to where he started, but with this time without the overheads of premises and staff salaries. What did exist however, was network of sole operators and professionals who were all in a similar position. The new way of working through collaboration was a real but positive eye opener. Great solutions were conceived and carried out, but with the right professionals who had a focus on customer service and getting the job done well. Its a model that still works today as long as there is a consistent point of contact and clear objectives are set. 

There was many teachings along the way, but a few things stood out. Be nice to both client and supplier, especially the latter as they will be with you for the long haul, respect the people working with you and always aim to understand and see things from your client's perspective. Having run a business, it gives a real insight to the every day pressure and it's not always about the pretty graphics and awards! Also whatever the medium, it's still about the message, the big idea and of course, first and foremost, connecting with the audience.

His present offering is still about communication and branding (and a personal love of video) but taking a call from something dear to his heart, treasure hunting. Always a collector and someone who has dug up amazing bottles from Victorian rubbish dumps, the hunt for gold is what gives him his cue for working with business. With a defined process and a love for innovation and question asking, he runs workshops for clients who want to find their unique voice and offering for their target market. it's proved to work well with a diverse audience from milliners, business advisers, the RDS Members' Club and even two sisters who launched a range of ready made Mexican food. The network of specialists are still there to make things happen, because at the end of the day, its all about the people. 


Una Keeley - Mindful Create 

Una Keeley is the owner and founder of Mindful Create, an educational resource for all those interested in both Mindfulness and Crreativity. Una set up Mindful Create earler this year, to bring together her 30 years's experience in the Arts, Education and Mindfulness. Mindful Create is a unique educational resource, designing and delivering courses, which teach the skills of mindfulness through creative exercises and meditation. 

Una has been a professioal artist for 30 years. She has worked in the field of education for 25 years, designing workshops and programmes for many insituations including; The department of Education and Skills, The Ark, The National Concert Hall, Fingal County Council, Dept. Of Justice & Equality, Temple Street Hospital and South Dublin County Council. 

Una also worked with the Irish Museum of Modern Art for 15 years, where she designed and facilitated programs for their Education and Community Department. She is a highly experienced facilitator, with an Honours Degree in Ceramics and a Masters in Art Education. 

In 2006 Una moved to Wexford with her partner, when the recession hit, the bottom fell out of the Arts market, making it exremely hard for artists to survive. Like many other professions Una's income dropped dramatically and future prospects disappeared. The severity of this experience was extremely stressful. This initiated a path of deep soul searching. It was at this time that Una began studying and practicing Mindfulness, as an antidote to the enormous stresses she was expericing. She took a Diploma in Mindfulness and Wellbeing and began practicing mindfulness daily. 

The very personal jouney with loss , uncertainity, austerity and stress, has given her a deep understanding of the benefits and practical application of mindfulness skills. She is committed to sharing these skills, and to bringing her extensive educational experience to designing programmes which do so. Una is now undergoing intensive study and training as a Mindfulness Instructor with the German Institute of Mindfulness Based Approcahes and adheres to the Irish Good Practice Guidlines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses. 

She is currently designing innovative courses that combine Mindfulness and Creativity. These wellbeing courses are currently being offered for adults through BOdhi Health and Wellness Centre and the Gorey School of Art. They teach the art of Approaching Mindfully and Responding Creatively. 

Her future goals are to make a significant contribution to the field of Mindfulness through innovative research, which combines the skills of Mindfulness and Creativity. Her goals are also to develop a state of the art online educational resources through her website www.mindfulnessandcreativity.ie and also to contribute to the wellbeing of Wexford, through innovative wellbeing courses offered locally and county wide. 


Moira Hart- Wexford Lavender Farm 


Moira Hart is the soul and heart of Wexford’s Lavender Farm set in the heart of the beautiful Wexford countryside.  A peaceful place to relax, slow down and enjoy the great outdoors. The business is a small family run business centred around lavender farming the company also farm their own lavender organically and are a member of the Organic Trust Ltd. Moira Hart has worked as a PA at senior level for 20 years from where she gained her invaluable experience about the world of business and also developed various skills such as communication, organisation and administration.

The inspiration for opening her own business came when she visited Lavender Farms in places such as France and England. The Somerset Lavender Farm and Welsh Lavender Farm really made her realise her passion for being in that field of business. After the visits to other lavender farms and the desire to start her own business Moira researched many aspects of growing lavender farms and spoke to Wexford Local Development for support in setting up the business and the feasibility study to further enhance the business in all departments.

Moira has been in a successful business for a number of years and business itself still sees growth to this day and she believes that the secret to her growth is plenty of hard work, keeping and honest and open relationship with the team, the continuous investment and most importantly being flexible to change.

Moira’s main priorities when it comes to her business is that trying to balance the times which she devotes to the family and her company in order to insure that her farm continues to grow on a large scale size, and plant more and give Wexford lavender farm the recognition of being the first lavender farm which is her vision for the future.

Moira believes that if you have passion to set up your own business and you want that business to succeed its important to be organised, self motivated, good communication skills and most importantly have support from family and friends. She also suggests that you do plenty of preliminary searches, attend networking events to gain exposure and enrol in training course to advance your existing skill set and learn new potential skills that will play great in the success of your business. 



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